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Four things change agents need

Driving change in any organisation is hard.  There are lots of approaches to driving change.  Two of my favourites are Kotter’s and the McKinsey influence model.  There are many more.

In my experience, getting traction and making change stick requires four key elements to be established.

This change is real:  You need leadership, a strong case for change and evidence of enduring intent.  The change must be needed.  It must not be temporary or a fad.  There must be evidence that the change is not going away or that management attention will drift elsewhere

This change can be done:  Are we clear on the symbols of success in this change?  Has anyone else done something similar?  Is there a role model that I can copy?  A clear statement of the world after the change is needed to help people make the abstract changes tangible for them.

We can make it happen:  The team needs the capabilities (skills, time, systems and resources) to make the change happen.  It needs to feel within reach and possible. Never easy.  Just possible.  Within our collective capabilities.

We are doing it together: Build a sense of community, discussion and engagement with the change.  We are not changing others.  We are all changing together.  

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