Start today

It is never too late to be what you might have been – George Eliot.

Time isn’t waiting for you.  Start today.

We all have laundry lists of things that we want to do and want to become.   Those items will remain simply lists, if we don’t act.  

In life there is always something more urgent to distract us from what is important.  Meetings can wait.  Email can wait.  Coffee can wait.  Television can wait. Gossip can wait.  You may well even find today’s crisis can wait.  

Make time today to take a positive step towards your goal.  Turn your future life into a project and tackle it stepwise.  Small steps can come first.  Leaps will come later.

Regret is a wasted emotion.  Leave it behind along with the feeling of lost opportunity.  Turn those emotions into an impetus to act on your purpose.  With action comes progess, with progress comes confidence and we all know that’s essential to continued success.

Create accountability.  Promise the steps to the future you to someone who matters, someone who will hold you to account.  Publish your plans.  Share your future and you’ll enjoy the ride more.

If you are going to start-up the future you, get going today.

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