As days drag into months there is a relentless nature to 2020. For me, escaping that experience involves a rediscovery and recreation of my boundaries. We had barely escaped the summer bushfires and their hunt of climate crisis when the pandemic surfaced. The pandemic led to ever tighter lockdowns, economic upheaval and working from home. … Continue reading Relentless


Remember handshakes? They were an archaic work and social practice which disappeared in early 2020. Signalling respect, offering a peaceful intent and acknowledging agreement, they formed a peaceful symbol of connection in a busy world. Connection matters The handshake may be gone (forever) along with physical offices, indoor meetings and conferences, but connection between people … Continue reading Connection


Let’s not forget the value of human relationships and all that they bring. As strong as the pull of the transactional, addressing the real opportunities in our lives, work and society will depend on relationships founded in generosity, trust and empathy. Teams of One It can be easy to see the world in transactional terms. … Continue reading Relationships

Uncertainty is the Work

Organisations exist to manage uncertainty. They must place a priority on learning change and adaptation to do so. Once the greatest uncertainty was consumer demand. Now organisations must deal with multi-dimensional and volatile uncertainty. Theory of the Firm Economists are highly rational people. For a long time, economics has struggled to justify exactly why organisations … Continue reading Uncertainty is the Work