Trust is critical to successful organizations. While it may be an example of our ability to acquiesce in functional stupidity, trust accelerates decision making and reduces transaction costs in teams and organisations. Arguably the boundaries of trust shape the size and structure of our organisations. Without trust there can be no effective engagement of employees, … Continue reading Trust


Be careful where you build walls. They can take on a life of their own defining work, belonging and othering in complex ways. Encouraging teams and organisations to live with permeable and adaptable boundaries gives them a better chance to deliver value and realise their strategy than hard walls. The Other Side Humans are tribal. … Continue reading Walls


Trust is reciprocal. Loyalty is reciprocal. Love, concern, generosity and goodwill are best when they are reciprocated. Human relationships power our lives and their run in two directions. With rights and responsibilities come obligations. Reciprocity is critical in community, in work and in life. Never forget that to receive, it is best to first give. … Continue reading Reciprocity


We get this. They don’t. We are strategic. They are tactical and operational. We work in responsive, agile and flexible ways. Our employees ‘work from home’. We don’t enable our leaders. We focus on an employee engagement crisis. We don’t talk about inclusion. We focus on gender, sexual, and racial diversity. We don’t address workplace … Continue reading Othering


As days drag into months there is a relentless nature to 2020. For me, escaping that experience involves a rediscovery and recreation of my boundaries. We had barely escaped the summer bushfires and their hunt of climate crisis when the pandemic surfaced. The pandemic led to ever tighter lockdowns, economic upheaval and working from home. … Continue reading Relentless


Remember handshakes? They were an archaic work and social practice which disappeared in early 2020. Signalling respect, offering a peaceful intent and acknowledging agreement, they formed a peaceful symbol of connection in a busy world. Connection matters The handshake may be gone (forever) along with physical offices, indoor meetings and conferences, but connection between people … Continue reading Connection