Do one thing

Just one action is enough to make a difference. It helps you learn.

When we want to improve things or make a change, the opportunities can be overwhelming.  

All at once we want to change everything simultaneously. We can become a whirlwind trying to make everything happen now. Usually, that results in a lot of confusion and a mess of partially completed plans.

Alternatively, we can get stuck trying to make the best choice among the options.  We can go looking for that one perfect thing that will make the biggest difference.  Paralysis by analysis will result. There are too many choices and too much analysis to pick the right option with the fewest risks. 

Just do one thing. Today. 

How do you choose? Do what feels most right. Go with your best hunch. Back your judgement. You are immersed in the problem.

Do one thing well.

But, and this is a big but…

Measure your action.  Learn and do one new thing again based on what you learn.

Over time the actions will build. You will build momentum too. You might find others join you. The purpose and the answer is in the work

So do.

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